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Climate Crisis Innovation Opportunities

For centuries, mankind has selfishly exhausted natural resources and taken the environment for granted. The only remedy to climate change is ‘human change’. The longer we wait, the harder the problems to solve. We need to act now!

We are looking for innovations that solve root causes and foster human change in an economically viable way. Prevent improper waste disposal instead of minimizing it. Fully decarbonize instead of limiting emissions. Only then, we can battle the climate challenge.

Energy Transition

The Dutch government wants to reduce the country's emissions by 80% in 2050. To achieve this, 80% of energy usage must come from renewable sources, instead of 7,3% as currently.

Circular Economy

A circular economy can decrease CO2 emissions by 10% and reduce water usage by 20% while creates over 50.000 jobs and will be worth over 7 billion euros for the Dutch economy.

Human Behavioral Change

Governments and corporations aim to reduce work-related car travel by 8 billion km in 2030, equals 1 Mton C02. By 2022, employees of big employers will be obliged to a maximum emission.

NextGen Environment

If the current concentration of atmospheric CO2 continues to increase, the ocean will soon become uninhabitable for many marine organisms. How or if marine organisms adapt is unknown.