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Healthcare Faces Growing Needs

Modern-day society is rapidly expanding now that we can live longer lives, putting pressure on our healthcare systems. Therefore, we need to increase the quality of care while reducing healthcare costs. Hospitals, practices, laboratories, and corporations will have to step up to keep up with both competitors, new technologies, and patient’s growing needs. Innovations in healthcare can provide unique opportunities to transform our society and keep healthcare effective, accessible and affordable to all. 

Unhealthy Lifestyle

More than 10% of the current healthcare costs in the Netherlands can be traced back to an unhealthy way of life.

Increase in Mental Care

Spending on mental healthcare is rising faster than any other healthcare sector in the Netherlands.

Growing Telecare

In 2015, just over one million patients used telecare in the Netherlands. In 2018, this number increased to seven million.

Rise in Health Applications Usage

Nearly half (48 percent) of healthcare consumers are using mobile/tablet apps, compared to just 16 percent in 2014.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence offers a way to fill in gaps amid the rising labor shortage in healthcare, wherein it can address an estimated 20 percent of unmet clinical demand.

It is science that can save lives by making medicines available in a timelier manner. That is the difference we are making. The program provided us with the perfect network and publicity.

—Cinzia Silvestri - BI/OND. AIA18 Health Winner