Proudly presenting you the eight Blue Tulip Awards Winners!


ALL BLUE TULIP AWARDS PARTICIPANTSAll innovators and network partners of the Blue Tulip Awards will be invited to the Class of 2020 on January 9, 2020, to celebrate the start of a new year and jumpstart their innovation journey.


BLUE TULIP AWARDS TOP 2516:30 – 22:00
Amsterdome, Amsterdam

On February 13, we invite the Top 25 innovators per theme to the Innovation Café, to celebrate innovation and exchange their experience and knowledge with the entire innovation ecosystem. Innovators will also get the chance to convince the jury of their concept during a speed dating session, after which the jury will pick the Top 10 concepts per theme. The debate will give the entire ecosystem a chance to get together to gain insights and share knowledge about the global challenges that we face today. At the end of the night, the Top 10 concepts per theme will be announced and celebrated.


BLUE TULIP AWARDS TOP 1016:00 – 21:00
DeFabrique, Utrecht

The Top 10 innovators per theme will gather on March 12 to participate in a theme-related talk show. In this talk show, they will be challenged on topics related to the jury’s selection criteria. The innovators will also get the chance to convince the jury members of their innovative concept, through conversations and a Q&A session. After a final pitch round, it is up to the jury to decide which five concepts deserve to move to the Finals.


BLUE TULIP AWARDS TOP 509:00 – 19:00
Taets Art and Event Park, Zaandam

The Blue Tulip Awards program culminates at the Accenture Innovation Summit on April 17, where the finals will take place. Here, the innovators will have the opportunity to connect with the best and brightest in a wide range of industries. We invite the top five per theme to pitch their concept in a specially built Pitch Arena, where time is their only constraint. After their final pitch, the jury will be able to challenge the finalists in an interactive Q&A session that will give the finalists one last chance to win over the jury and achieve the ultimate goal: becoming the best innovation in the Netherlands.